Tulsa Garden Railroad Club


President, Donnie Shirey   

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Vice. Pres. Vernon Guess

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Treasurer, Kathy Klawitter   

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Secretary, Nadine Hodge   

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Editor, Jim Martin   

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Tulsa Garden Railroad Club

C/o N. Hodge, Secy.

2640 E. 14th St.

Tulsa OK 74104





Greetings from the President’s Roundhouse

Ever heard the old saying “Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Again Another Day”. Boy, I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough. Would really like to get this house finished.


Would like to take this time to wish Vernon and family all the best in the delivery of their new baby girl. Remember to keep them in your prayers.


The 2008 tour is now history, and I hope that everyone was able to run trains for a little while anyway, despite the weather. I was at Bill Blacks, and we had a very good morning, up until about 11:00am. Then the clouds just opened up and boy did it ever rain.  Got stuck in the “train shack” and just sat and watched the water flow. Afterwards, had to help get the water to drain away for the next round of people. Hope there was more activity later in the after-noon for everyone.


An idea that has come up for a workshop would be an actual demonstration of converting a loco over to battery power and r/c.

I would like to put this workshop together for the meeting in the month of August. If you have a loco that you would like to convert, and can come up with the equipment to do it before the August meeting, then bring it to the meeting and maybe we can have a good workshop with multiple conversions going on. I plan on converting a small Bachmann loco to run battery power or switch to track power. But in the meantime, we still need items for show and tell for the club meetings. Bring your items to the next meeting for a little “show and brag”. Until the meeting….  Donnie


Banner Photo

This month’s banner photo is from the railroad of Bill & Barbara Black. Got a favorite photo of your railroad? Send it to me at nitram1933@sbcglobal.net .


RIP Skip Diehl

June marks the first anniversary of Skip’s passing and it’s only appropriate that we reflect for a moment on his contributions to our club as a member, an officer, and lastly, for the gift of his extensive RR inventory which made a major and positive impact on our club!


Upcoming Shows and Exhibits 2008

June 20-22, KC MO – Heart of America GR Show

This is the second time for this new show, crowds were thin last year but the exhibits were good.  Info @ www.hagrs.com

June 27-28, Springfield MOOzark Garden RR Spring Tour Info @  gtrains@sbcglobal.net

June 28, Dewey OK- Mainline Train Show at Washington County Fairgrounds Info 918-440-1910 or Info@jlhobbies.com

August 8th, Claremore OK- RC Trade Show

The Expo Center hopes to sponsor a show of radio control models, cars, planes, and trains with vendor booths and operating displays. We are still looking for more info.


TGRRC Tour Highlights (Partial)

Joe & Alice report that they had 56 adults and 40 kids enjoy their railroad. Joe said that the trains ran well both before and after the rains and that they had a super tour helper, Nadine Hodge.

Bob & Jonna Gardine had over 80 visitors, about half of them Amish who arrived by tractors. All enjoyed the railroad and Bob’s info sheet, a copy of which he plans to bring to the meeting.


Members on the mend

A few of our members and/or their spouses are (hopefully) on the mend and we wish them a speedy recovery: Joe Salamon from shoulder surgery, Sky Sharp from hip surgery and Gene Pfeiffer’s wife, Susana, who has been hospitalized six times in the last six months. Please keep Vernon and his family in your prayers for a successful recovery following their newborn daughter’s surgery.


Large Scale Closeout.

The remaining large scale inventory (Skip Diehl’s) will be available for sale at our meeting in July at closeout prices. Those items not sold will be raffled off or put into the clubs inventory of rolling stock. 

An itemized list will be in the July Railmail.




Speaking of Recycling (I know we were not, but we should be):

Did you know that the US throws away enough aluminum in a year to rebuild our entire commercial fleet of airplanes every three months! And that recycling one aluminum can save enough electricity to power a TV or a 100-watt light bulb for three hours!

That the production of a ton of paper requires 17 trees, 7,000 gallons of water, and requires more energy to produce than a ton of glass or steel! That recycling 13,600 tons of paper can account for the saving of over 231,000 trees, 44,000 cubic yards of land fill space, and over 95 million gallons of water! That we discard enough glass to fill two New York skyscrapers every two weeks! That using cloth bags helps eliminate plastic bags that end up in our landfills, blowing into our rivers and streams, and creating toxic problems. That every little bit we do to recycle does and will help!



Scrap metal recycling on the BC&PRR


Minutes, May 2008

The meeting was called to order by President Donnie Shirey.  The Minutes were approved.  No Treasurer’s Report was available.


Old Business

Vernon reported on the Jenks Herb Fest which was held Saturday April 26, and thanked the workers.  Attendance was high, and lots of tour flyers were handed out. Jim reported on the Okmulgee Garden Fest, which was held Saturday, May 3.  Attendance was low, but this was the first garden fest held. Bob Gardine suggested waiting to organize the big trailer until we have a small trailer for the ground track. Vernon encouraged club members to let Bob Buttram know of any small trailers that might work for us, preferably a 5’x8’ trailer with a metal bottom for $500 or less.  Jim suggested purchasing an Atwoods or similar trailer and making a hinged cover for it.  Caps ($10) and carry-bags ($7) with the club logo are now available for purchase.


Annual tour, Saturday May 31.  We need volunteers!  Vernon handed out sign-in sheets; raffle information and tickets; tour books; garden railroading hand-outs and keyrings. Tour hosts are:  Bill Black, Bob and Sheila Buttram, Bob Gardine, Vernon Guess, Sky Sharp, Ron Salach and Joe Salamon.  Hours:  9 AM to 4 PM, except Bob Gardine who will run 9 AM to 6 PM.  We will raffle Skip’s Lionel Express (mint in box).   Everyone helping at the tour sites or visiting tour sites is encouraged to take pictures to post on the website.  We plan to have a post-tour meeting in June at Ollie’s on Southwest Boulevard. Thanks to Vernon, our website is now up and running at: www.tulsagardenrailroadclub.org


New Business

Jim Martin brought in ground track and other items that are available for purchase. Jim received an application from American Collector’s Insurance for special coverage for train collections.  Additional information is available at InsureMyTrains.com. Stan spoke to Mr. Haas about Massoth Electronics decoders for LGB and received detailed documents which he will share with the club by posting them to the website.  We hope to have refreshments at every club meeting.  Club members are encouraged to bring something if possible. Congratulations to Harry Wolohon for winning the Bachman Reefer and to Bill Reeder for winning the Combine Coach (both kits assembled by Jim). We postponed making a decision on the Dewey show scheduled for Saturday, June 28.  


Gordon and Mary Colebrook of Colebrook Nursery gave a presentation on suggested plants to use in garden railroading.  They gave detailed, helpful information on such things as:  sun vs. shade; clumping vs. spreading, slow growing vs. invasive, dry vs. moist soil.  Selections included varieties of evergreens, conifers, hostas, sedge, grasses and many more.   Colebrook Nursery is located at 5915 W. 31st Street in West Tulsa (near Berryhill).  They are open Monday-Saturday from 8AM to 6 PM.  During March-June, they are also open on Sunday from 1-4PM.  If you have questions, please call them at 918-445-0539 or visit their website www.colebrooknursery.com

Submitted by Nadine Hodge, Club Secretary


The D&SNG makes a riverside stop on its return to Durango.

Our Next Stop…. 6:45pm, Thursday, June 26th at the Freewill Baptist Church, 1190 N. Mingo Rd. Tulsa OK.  “All-a-board!”